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About Us

We understand that most Golfers just want a Handicap to be able to compete among their friends.

Most golfers do not want to compete in State Association events.

We fill that void.

GHAP was created to fill the need for a more accessible and data driven handicap system and global network.

This organization was created by tech and data driven engineers who have extensive experience in the golf industry.

The GHAP system is better because:

  • More Factual > For example, to determine course difficulty it leverages more than 30 million real golf scores globally
  • Better Access > Anyone in the world can get a Handicap and anyone can access a centralized Golfer Finder to look for others
  • More Trust > It leverages data and visibility, instead of just integrity, to provide golfers with the information required to keep everyone accountable.

How to obtain your GHAP

To obtain your GHAP account you can do so through any of our partner apps. Simply open an account with them and purchase your GHAP handicap.

Our GHAP number is compatible with any of our partner apps regardless of where you purchased it from.

We partnered with these companies because they are experts at providing amazing (and beautiful) software to manage your Scores and Handicap. With tools like GPS available worldwide.

We continue to have negotiations with other potential partners to grow our network.

Platforms in our Network


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Frequently Asked Questions

We aimed to develop a centralized and easy to access Handicap System for the day to day golfer. Our objective is to focus on golfers who want to a) track their level of play and progress, and b) compete with friends or other golfers in our network.

We believe the current available solutions are antiquated and manage by entities that are not focusing on the majority of amateur golfers, but mainly on the elite amateurs that compete in National and State association regulated tournaments.

GHAP is a data driven system that is affordable, more accessible and overall, a more modern system than the existing solutions.

There are several differences, here are some:

1) The GHAP system was developed mainly for golfers who want to compete with each other within their foursome or in large leaderboard competitions. The WHS is gear towards National Association Amateur Competitions.

2) The GHAP system is one global network. The World Handicap System is used independently by associations of every country, so each country’s network is not connected into one global database of golfers.

3) The GHAP system leverages a massive database of millions of golf scores from real golfers to determine the difficulty . The WHS defines the Course Rating mainly by using representatives (people) to judge the difficulty of the golf course.

GHAP was developed by a group of engineers and mathematicians that leveraged over 30 million golf scores from real golfers in courses worldwide to develop a data driven Handicap System. And it works.

To test the system, we ran significant number of golf matches simulations using data from real golfers. We compared the results of GHAP with the equivalent of using other more established Handicap Systems. We found very minimal differences.

You can get access to GHAP through our partners. Currently, our only partner is TheGrint. But we are approaching other big brands to join us.

We don’t provide GHAP directly because we are focused on being the best Handicap System and empowering our partners to be the interface of it. If we want to become the standard for recreational handicapping, we have to leverage many partners who are better at doing what they do, and we focus on what we are good at

The formula relies on two aspects:

a) Our database of Course Difficulty and b) the method to calculate the Handicap.

To calculate the handicap the system takes your best 10 of the last 25 rounds. Then takes the average of the Score Value of each round.

The Score Value of each round is calculated using the clean Score of the player, and the Course Difficulty of the tee box that was played.

Download the GHAP Handicap system Manual